The kingdom of white is the one in which all the wavelengths are reflected at the same time. Think of what white light is made of. What happens when it falls through the prism. Exactly. It’s all colored. Black, on the contrary, stands on the other side, not allowing any wavelength to escape. Although the monolithic ones are themselves, this year they find their way to each other.
Their embrace resulted in fantastic dress combinations and patterns with geometric motifs derived from this light and shadow game. The catwalks, red carpets and cabinets known to have overwhelmed black and white garments. The big fashion houses decided this ever-present podton to put every good styling into focus. There is no better way to look elegant and dignified than this combination.


Try to break the seriousness of these colors by selecting an interesting sample. The strips and prints are monitored by a black and white horizon. If you are a lady in the best years, you can definitely decide to dress well-tailored black trousers with flat socks and a white shirt. Bring a silky scarf to this simple elegance for a gentle feminine, or put a striking piece of jewelry.

Young girls in this combination would look too serious. But do you like already timeless white shirts and want a new and interesting way of combining, why not try the trousers with a brave bubble print. Excellent black and white combination is a serious / fake dress with print. An unusual pattern, but a more serious cut, can lead you through all the situations, from the most serious to the most vulnerable. Just vary accessories or shoes. Let’s say a dress up above the knees with a floral lace black and white print on the jacket and briefcase acts in business, and on high heels and a small black handbag in it you can greet the dawn. As far as the skirts are concerned, they are especially lovers to whom these colors have been nested. Wide, narrow, mini, midi, maxi, asymmetrical … it does not matter.

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Black and white are heavily packed with symbolic potential. Although the West regards white as one that denotes innocence, purity and joy does not mean that all cultures of the world have given the same meaning to these colors. While black is the color we wrap around to mourn for dear people in China, the situation is completely different. It is exactly the white one that the deceased descends from this world. Black and white combinations are truly yin and yang mode, and this well-known symbol perfectly describes what it is about. As far as the visual perception of black or white is concerned, they are contrary to the opposite. Black absorbs all wavelengths until white reflects. So full of contradictions that can not live without one another just as yin and yang suggest. Even the shadow can not be seen in complete darkness, but it needs light to live. These two opposites are not represented as enemies but create a symbiosis in which they become complementary and allow one another to further life. It is fortunate that this fashionable year is marked by uncoordinated love for such combinations. Black and white clothes can be worn in various combinations.


Do you like the railways just elect.

Modify the blue white stripes of the captains of some distant ships with this chic combination that resembles Parisian artists from the middle of the previous century. They sit and drank an espresso with their curtailed berets, mumbling something in their chin or gesturing gently while describing their latest project. Geometry and print bring us into a whole new world of the relationship of characters on the fabric. We look at the hypnotized black and white print squares, circles, and triangles. Suddenly we hear drums and call savannah. Yes, the animal pattern is re-modern. As nature only knows well what it is doing. Get this season at least one piece of zebra pattern and combine it with neutral pieces. Contradictions are always appealing and therefore each combination becomes even more noticeable if it is done in black and white. Each of us is partly on the bright part of the darkness as we break through the chaos of everyday life. We know that the dark side has biscuits, but stay with us this summer wise happy and (relatively) good.

It looks perfect at every opportunity and sounds completely impossible at any time. A large number of obligations, hard schedule or simply a lack of free time often take a tribute. Do not have enough time to edit, make-up or combine clothes? Do not worry, it does not have to be that way anymore.

With a few simple tips, your dressing room will get a new look, and you will be able to fit in without any problems in every part of your life. Summer months are ideal for bright colors that absorb light and so help the body to cool itself naturally. Dark shades on clothes only additionally attract the heat and sun rays, and the body gets even hotter. However, monochrome fashion combinations are boring and do not attract views. In order to choose the wardrobe that suits you best, without having to spend a lot of money, we recommend purchasing layered clothes, that is, those that can be combined on all clothing combinations. This will save you, and always look as if you carefully selected clothes before you dressed it.



the black and white world, is the best description of the fashion statement of the writer Silvia Sixth. In her closet, pieces in black and white are dominant, and the writer interferes with them in unusual combinations that give rise to great attention. At first ordinary and classic black and white pieces, they are connected in a refreshing and urban way, and unusual fashion details, such as striking jewelry, make Sylvia’s style unique and interesting. Since the founding of Chanel, a fashion house that has made the game black-and-white with a timeless trend, there is probably no combination that is so classic and at the same time so elegant and effective. In the days when you are not sure what to wear or just want to get away from the colorful colors, it’s exactly the black and white styling that will be a great stylish shift. This spring wearing a simple white shirt and black pants replaced the wearing of leather trousers and white news, the narrow pencil skirts replaced sweeping models in combination with short white cannons, and the dresses were flooded with black and white triangles, circles and other interesting geometric shapes.